Capture Queue is a conversation series that showcases the ideas and reflections of others in a readable format. Each featured individual is photographed and interviewed to offer insight into they issues they care about. These range from global affairs to the cognitive sciences; from sustainability in food & farming to social innovation.

Inspired by David Barsamian's book series of transcribed KGNU radio interviews which simplify complex ideas in a casual context, my own interviews are also laid out in Q & A format for the same reasons of both comprehension and readability. 

"What most of us must be involved in - whether we teach or write, make films, play music, [create] art, whatever we do - has to not only make people feel good, and inspired, and at one with other people around them, but also has to educate a new generation to do this very modest thing: change the world." 
– Howard Zinn

The people featured on this site are people I believe are doing just that: changing the world. By pursuing what they love regardless of whether it's their occupation or just an interest, they are working toward shifting the pendulum away from greed, oppression, and destruction. They are creating a world that is pushing back with generosity, openness, and community. Their encouraging words delivered at first to myself, are now displayed here at Capture Queue to help inspire others to do the same.


I hope you enjoy,

Tracy Giesz-Ramsay

Above images of Tracy by Aaron Aubrey Photography, 2014

 All other portraits and images on Capture Queue are taken by Tracy.