Political journalist Max Fawcett discusses the economic pitfalls of Canada's most scenic city, compares stability between the boomer and millennial generations, and explains why he's dismayed about the direction of in-depth reporting at a time when it's needed most.


Founder of Talk2Me BC, Graeme Saruk discusses the stigmatization of emotions, the health consequences of loneliness and disconnection, and how seeing someone through tough life events should be cause for glory not shame. 


Host of Forbes' The Failure Factor, Megan Bruneau, M.A. RCC, discusses how our early environments shape our adult lives, highlighting how techniques like mindfulness and somatic experiencing can slow our conditioned reaction to cues and stimulants.


Conflict photographer for Magnum and National Geographic, Michael Christopher Brown discusses his recent book Libyan Sugar, and touches on the motivations behind the country's 2011 uprising. Detailing the importance of next year's election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he also explains the complexities of the mineral trade in Africa and what would have to happen for the Congolese to see change.


Renewable Energy Consultant Karen Raaberg talks about the incredible potential of offshore wind turbines already in practise in Denmark, why she's helping to expand this 'clean technology' to New York State, and how working for passion over profit is always a good business move.


Assistant General Manager of New York City's The Musket Room, Anastasia Soldano talks seed-to-table dining, her journey from a large Russian-family dinner table to the halls of culinary arts school, and why she moved from the kitchen to the dining room, bringing her New Orleans style hospitality to this Michelin Award winning Nolita oasis.


Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, Don MacPherson talks about reducing the harm of drug use, the history of Prohibition and its roots in Vancouver, Canada, and gives evidence-based incentive for why we need to start looking at decriminalization as a new approach to Drug Policy in Canada and around the world.


Political Science Ph.D candidate and expert in the psychology of political decision making, David Moscrop discusses how institutions built for rational decision making don't fare well when the human brain proves to be more impulsive and irrational than we'd like to think.


Founder of JJA Speakers Agency, Jeff Jacobson talks about the rise in popularity of public speaking events like TED, and how talks always leave you with more than you thought you came for.


Associate Executive Director and Manager of Research & Planning at SPARC BC, Scott Graham on his work with First Call developing their annual child poverty report card, and why long-term relationship building is the most effective tool for community justice.